NEISA Girls Announcements and Reminders November 28th 2017


To: NEISA Girls coaches and contacts
From: Nick Lloyd, Executive Chair of NEISA Girls.

  • First: Please consider completing this survey put together by Chris Smith (SPS), Executive Director of NEISA Boys. We would like to hear from you about how NEISA can improve, given that we are completely volunteer run. There were some good responses from the boys coaches; I’m optimistic that we can have even more useful information from the girls side of the league.
  • USSquash info:
  • Please be sure to enter your team roster and your match schedule on  as soon as possible.
  • Host coaches should submit results to the USSquash website within 24 hours of  match completion.
  • The scorecards will include 8 players on each roster for both Varsity and JV matches. If you are playing a Varsity and JV Match where #8 is actually JV#1 please leave the Varsity #8 positions as a double default and enter your #8 matches in the JV scorecard at the #1 position. If you are just playing a Varsity match and #8 is non-counting, then enter it in the Varsity #8 scorecard. Do NOT enter the same match result in two places.
  • We strongly encourage teams to take advantage of submitting results for JV matches. If a player at the top of the JV ladder makes it into the top 7 for New Englands, it will be beneficial if her JV results were entered for the whole season.
  • The Dunlop Double Yellow Dot ball is the official Ball of NEISA and should be used in all matches.
  • Coaches Poll: Given the need to have team rankings in early January, we are asking for your input to assist with rankings.
  • I am currently looking for volunteers to assist with the process of ranking teams. Please email me directely ( if you are interested and willing to help the league with this important work.
  • More information will be forthcoming, but please put some thought into what the rankings might look like as the season gets underway.
  • Chris Smith and I are working on venues for New Englands and we should be able to publish that information in December.
  • Last year’s communications can be found here.
  • Good luck with the start of your season!


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