NEISA Girls 2018 January 22nd Update


With gratitude to Athletic Director Brian Krauss, the 2018 C Division Tournament will be held the weekend of February 23-25 at the Millbrook School. More details to come, but teams ranked in the 33-45 range now know where the tournament will be held.

We are still in need of tournament directors for all three tournaments. Without them, these tournaments will NOT happen.

Additionally, all three tournaments will need four or more coaches to work on seeding players and setting up the draws. Please contact if you wish to participate in making these tournaments happen.

Thank you, also, to the 23 teams that have already replied with confirmation of their plans for the NEISA tournaments.




Announcements and Reminders

January 21st 2018

To: NEISA Girls coaches and contacts
From: Nick Lloyd, Executive Chair of NEISA Girls.

The NEISA standings page on has been updated. Many thanks to the coaches that have spent the time to work on these rankings over the past week. With cancelled matches and very few matches that cross between East and West, the ranking of teams is proving to be quite challenging this year. In all honesty, we have dedicated our time to figuring out the A/B split and the B/C split, so there may be obvious errors in the rankings at the top of the As. If you feel a mistake has been made, please provide feedback at this link: NEISA team rankings feedback

Tournament news:

Many thanks to Bruce Shang at Exeter and Greg Rossolimo at Pomfret.

The A division tourney will take place at Exeter.

The B division tourney will take place at Pomfret.

We had been planning to host the C division tourney at the beautiful new facility at the Kent School, but given the flooding Housatonic river this past week, it is prudent for us to find another venue. If you believe you are in a position to host the C division tournament, please let me know. Last year the C division was at Pomfret and the year before at St. Pauls. I believe we should be looking for a host on the West side of the league.

It takes a village:

Now we must find tournament directors, assistant directors, and seeding committee members. The tournaments require too much work for one person to do and will be far more successful if individuals step up to run these events. Everyone is pressed for time and wants to focus on our own team. The reality is, of course, that if individuals do not step up to run our tournaments, they will not happen. Thank you again to last year’s tournament directors: Luke Butterworth (GA), Will O’Leary (Tabor), and me (Dana Hall). Thanks also to assistant directors Tyler Gardner (Hotchkiss), John Hirsch (Middlesex) and Charlotte Whitmore (Concord).


Please respond to the Team Commitment email by February 7th. If you did not receive it, please email The email will ask you to reply and verify that your school is commited to participating, or that your school will not participate in 2018. If you commit to participation, your school agrees to pay the tournament fee and to participate in the appropriate tournament, as dictated by the final rankings and the executive committee.

The Team Commitment spreadsheet will be updated as teams commit to the tournaments.

Final reminders. Please be sure to continue updating rosters and results in a timely manner.

Good luck to all teams traveling to Philadelphia for the HS Nationals and to everyone as we progress into the second half of the season.


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