2018-2019 NEISA Start of Season Check In


Couple of things for you as we launch the season.

-please load your rosters and schedules in the league standings/result entry system on ussquash.com .  If anyone needs any help with this please, let me know.

JV Teams in the US Squash system- for the last few years we have had the JV teams in the US Squash system. Some schools have used this more than others. We continue to offer this as a way to promote our sport professionally, create a place for results and standings , and to give our budding high school squash players–that will hopefully grace our varsity lineups–a longer history of results in the computer—which is really important for the kids themselves.  This requires your JV coaches to enter their rosters, schedules, and results in the system. I understand this can be “a lot to ask of them” but in all honesty this is not a lot of work and really does make a better experience for the players on their teams.  If anyone needs any tech support or training, I am here to help.  Please urge your JV coaches to help drive this process.


-Live Scoring- there is a whole suite of solutions available to us for live scoring via the USsquash/Clublocker system which our league software is run in.  More and more schools are using the live scoring system with ipads at the courts.  If you don’t have that solution already and want to know more, please reach out to me as there are lots of innovative ways that you can deliver a better fan and player experience in your venues—and some options are even free and available to you right now and don’t require major upgrades to your facility.  With a laptop and a projector attached to it, you could deliver an amazing game day experience where the whole facility knows whats happening at our obscure and often hard to follow sport. I am here to tell you more about all these options available now. Please reach out.


-Match Results– as we have moved to a more up to date League Ranking system where league standings update bi-weekly, its important for teams to get their results into the USSquash system in a timely fashion.  We are asking that the home team get results in the day of the match is played.  If matches are not reported, your results are not known to the league and rankings may not be accurate.


-New Englands Locations– we are working on locations as we speak. Stay Tuned


-Results of our voting on New England Format– we have the results and will be reporting them soon. The NEISABoys and Girls Executive Committees, based on the results, did not have enough to go on to bring to NEPSAC a proposed change in how we run our championships. We will continue our conversations around this topic throughout the year. We will be running things as we have in the past as individual tournaments based on roster #’s that tally team points in the end.  We are still discussing for this season the New England Championship Classifications and how we build our championship divisions.


-Reminder on JV Teams/Varsity B Teams—unlike US Squash at High School Nationals, NEISA/NEPSAC does not and has never recognized JV Teams/Varsity B Teams in the same league as the school’s Varsity/Varsity A team.  We are finalizing the removal of B teams from our League Software Standings and placing them in the appropriate NEISA JV League.  If you are a Varsity A Team that plays an Varsity B team, this is a non-counting match in the eyes of NEISAand not recognized for league standings. This match is recognized for US Squash Nationals Qualifications and its not like we don’t want you to play it, we just want you to understand that its not a NEISA league-counted match.


Wheeler and Moses Brown Schools are no longer in the NEPSAC and therefore, per NEPSAC rules, are no longer eligible to participate in the NEISA New England Championships. They will not be in our league standings moving forward.  They are however still high school squash teams and we encourage you to play them. 

-Dexter- is a new team to NEISA this year as a NEPSAC School and is a co-ed team playing in the boys NEISA division.  Matches with them do count in the NEISA Standings and they are eligible for New Englands.   

Best of luck this season.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with or if you have any questions.


Chris Smith
Associate Dean of Admission
Head Coach of Boys and Girls Squash
St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH


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